Mouth Yeast Infection

Published: 15th June 2009
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Mouth yeast infection is not known like vaginal yeast infections. The symptoms of this disease include itching, burning, redness and swelling inside your mouth. At times, you will recognize bristles in your mouth as well. The symptoms of this disease are almost same as of vaginal yeast infection. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, inside your mouth, you must go and see a doctor and get a treatment to cure these symptoms, before they bring in serious complications. If these symptoms are left untreated, they will create havoc. If you will not get its treatment, you will have to suffer from pain in your joints and muscles and one can also go in the state of depression.

Candida is a form of yeast, which is the reason for this commonly occurring mouth yeast infection. This type of yeast is present in the tracts of vagina and in your digestive system. This infection is mostly caused by a fungus called 'Candida'. This causes mouth yeast infection, mostly in adults and infants.

Causes of mouth yeast infection

Following are the causes of Mouth yeast infection which is also known as Oral Thrush;

I. This is a common infection, which sometimes, is caused by oral sex. One can get infection by a person, who has already contracted this infection. By sucking of an infected thumb or by nail biting, one can get affected by mouth yeast infection which is also known as oral thrush.

II. Taking antibiotics also increases the risk of this disease, because these medicines kill the bacteria, which keeps check on the balance of yeast inside your mouth.

III. The patients, undergoing from the treatments of cancer or HIV, are at a greater risk of being attacked by this infection, because the steroids they are taking in, for this treatment will kill the good bacteria inside their body and the level of yeast infection will not be checked. Diabetic patients are also prone to catch this infection, for sugar, is a good food for yeast to grow and live on.

IV. Smoking is also one of the reasons for oral thrush.

V. During breast feeding, babies can transfer this infection to their mothers.

VI. Greater quantity of sugar in your food will cause mouth yeast infection. When you are taking higher amounts of sugar added food, you will give an opportunity to the yeast, already present in all human beings, to grow excessively.

Mouth yeast infection develops readily and it can become a chronicle disease, if left untreated. In the beginning, you will see a white and creamy substance on your tongue, which will then, spread throughout your mouth. Sometimes it is hard to wipe off this substance. If you will not recognize these symptoms, this infection will attack your tonsils and will move to the back of your throat. When it becomes more serious, there is a chance that this infection will affect your esophagus, which will be very painful and you will find problem in eating or drinking.

It is very important that you must recognize these symptoms and should get a proper treatment for this disease, before it gets serious and leads to a Chronicle Mouth Yeast Infection.

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